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I would just like to put it on the record that my bikes managed sub-9 seconds on the first level   :O   Great game fella

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How long does it usually take to finish the game?

Great game, went back to level one after 300+ generations to get 11.49


I just found this gem and it's so simple yet so funny. Can't stop playing. Thank you for sharing this game :)


I completed level 9 but I did not get the medal. Im not mad, just disappointed.


Me too! I want to be acknowledged!

Very interesting concept.

I would like to know how the specific evolution algorithm works because, observing those bikes' behaviour, it doesn't look like there's an actual neural network behind but something more like a sequence of actions they learn to do.




I regret saying that, I've had to retire multiple times before level 3 because level 2 bikers were stupid lmfao


i completed level 9 in 2:17.441...w/o medal. could be a bug?


I completed in 2:18 and didnt get a medal neither


how to get every achievement
i did it: play the game

they are learning: play the game

piece of cake: play the game

my first retirement: have nothing better to do

one last time: really have nothing better to do

it's possible: really really have nothing better to do

avenge my son: have max speed

my great great great grandfather: have max speed

we are legion: have max speed and generation time

these bikes are dumb: have high population size

this is not machine learning: have max population size and high speed

omfg this game is so broke: have max population size, max speed, and high generation time

so 8 is the limit: play the game

almost there: play the game

money is useless now: play the game

the first one is free: why do you need a tutorial for this

tweet tweet: pres the twitter button

facebook ok boomer: press the facebook button

it literally tells you this


(After 1st retire)
Map 2 1st time: All but one dies and the last one dies before the finish.
Map 2 2nd time: Only 3 die and the rest make it all 3 laps.

How do you do the hairpin turn in map 9?

I have the same issue.


no idea how, but I managed to train the bikes

…to go backwards🤷‍♂️


i trained them to commit suicide after the 2nd turn

show me


Please add a desktop build for $5. For $10 add manual driving, where the player is the green


Manual driving literally defeats the whole purpose of the game.


not really, it gives the thing an initial lesson


That means the developer would have to completely code in a different type of machine learning.


That ruins the point, you could just do 3 laps first try and voila. Also, if you had paid attention, green motorbikes show what the best car did last turn.

i finished level 9 but it didn't give me the achievement on browser

is the downloaded version meant to have no executable file? or am i doing something wrong

It is meant to put the game in a personal website, but if you want to execute the game in your PC, you must open the "index.html"


hey the art style looks like it is from great game art is great gameplay is great


The art is from  specially from the "Racing pack" under license "CC0 1.0 Universal".

Kenney is a well know free assets web used in a lot of games, this is why the style looks similar to a lot of other free games.

I recommend it if you are looking for good free assets.



Could you, if possible, add a custom vehicle design feature where you could have a few presets and then the ability to upload your own icon for the motorcycles?


then what if they made their motorcycles a dot or as small as possible then the game would be easier


I didn't say anything about hitboxes that match the icons, the hitboxes could stay the same.

This is fun

i haven't played much but it seems like an interesting concept/game

The last level is very beatable.

my motor bikes are constantly crashing in the same spot help

If this happens you should go back to a previous course for a bit.



I wish i could have it run while I'm not actively in the tab, so the AI improves while i play another game. maybe balance it by detecting if you are on the tab and if not then make everything go in slow motion


I wish you could see the sensors on each bike.



Good however you should have it so that you can take away skill points from the whole tree.


then travel back in time if you want that

What tree? These are + and < ||||| >

no skill trees anywhere

I call them trees


Help, I can't get past lvl 4. In about 100 tries, all bikes always start turning into the last curve too soon and crash exactly into the corner pixel. What parameter do I need to change to help them get through the last curve?


Try having a bit more min speed than max speed.


10/10 evolution idle game, amazing

Pretty laggy, but overall a good game.

Can you please find some ways of optimizing the game, especially on browser?

Then again, the AI system must make it very laggy, but maybe some simpler graphics (Or an option for it)?


Just upgrade CPU


JuSt UpGrAdE CpU


That Requires Money You Forgot Mr. Helpful


What's your CPU? I have an iPhone that runs this game ok if desktop mode is requested in Safari. If you're on a desktop, and the CPU is performing worse than an iPhone, that's a sign that you're past due for an upgrade.

I definitely beat level 9 wheres my medal? Is there other requirements than having the ai complete 3 laps?

very interesting game, visually shows the basic ideas of machine learning.

I love the game,  but level 2 and level 3 can be so annoying. When you get to level 2, from my experience (5+ hours), unless you get lucky and one of the bikes actually turns left and doesn't run into the wall on the first drop down, then you're basically screwed and half to restart. If you manage to get to stage 3, then you also have to get lucky. On the very first right turn for the bikes, if it doesn't turn, you've lost. They almost always turn LEFT running straight into the wall and it becomes impossible to pass it unless you retire and try again. When I got to retire level 3 so i had all the sensor, I had to retire an additional 4 times just to get past stage 3 because they kept turning into the wall and I couldn't do anything about it. Why don't you introduce a right turn on the first stage so you don't get screwed like that once they've only learned to turn left?

Hi, it shouldn't take 5 hours to get level 2, you must try new skill configurations.

I recomend investing in "learning" skill tree, specially in "population".

Then, try to invest in min speed, stering and max speed, controlling that bikes have a good driving control.

And do not forget to not doing big changes at once, or bikes will crash out of control.

Good Luck!

warning: 1840 FS.syncfs operations in flight at once, probably just doing extra work

and climbing.

(seems like you got a memory/resource leak somewhere)


I fixed some bugs and penformance


penformance huh