Update - October 30, 2019:

You can download the game and use it on your own web as long as you do the following:

  1. Do not modify the game.
  2. Playing the game must be free (that includes not needing a paying subscriptions to play).
  3. Using your own ads in your web is allowed.
  4. Give credits (attribution) to Vashgard.

You can contact me at vashgard@gmail.com

Let your computer learn to drive racing bikes!!

How does Machine learning works?
A wave of motorcycles will be created, each one making RANDOM decisions based on its sensors.
One of them will be the one that has made the best decisions and the one that has gone the furthest before crashing.
You will have to wait 3 seconds between waves (You can reduce it by using "gen. Time" skill).
The next wave, will imitate the decisions of the best motorcycle of the previous wave, but with small RANDOM modifications.

One of these small RANDOM modifications can cause one of the bikes to go a little further before crashing.
When this happens, the whole group learns for the next wave, and so on until they learn to complete the circuit.

Good luck!

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(73 total ratings)
GenreSimulation, Racing
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Idle, machine-learning, Unity
Average sessionAbout an hour
AccessibilityOne button


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please show cost for points and other stuff you buy

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never mind its at the bottom


The only things I'd add are:

1: After completing level 9 stats uncap to 10

2: No cap on money multipliers (you'd need to beat level 9 each time)


Why is something so simple so fun and entertaining?


a very good game!
I love how you need to think what will benefit your build most and the play with the sensors.
I think there can be an improvment with the speed as I at least didn't understand why you need to spend points in it but as this game is abandoned I guess it will never happen.
thanks for the wonderful game!

i beat it

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Frustrating (and probably abandoned) game.I'm feeling insulted.

After having mastered it a few times (including an under 60 turns winning game  using the same or similar parameters on the same levels, I've never been able to replicate or even approach it - even after a 500 turns test) I'm forced to conclude that winning or losing mostly doesn't depend on my efforts but on the game's poorly managed randomness - and if we take into account the unobtainable ('coz bugged) medals, it's just...

... sad, it looked so funny & promising. I've read the dev writing about the tech he used (Unity) that 'this game is 4 years old xD'. Well we're a large bunch who are still playing 20 to 40 years old games built on clumsy and obsolete tech.

4/5 for the promising concept, .5/5 for the deceptive result. In the end, .5/5.

PS: about mastering a game (which can't happen here anyway since major bugs have never been fixed) if there's too much randomness there's no mastering at all and the player just owns a gilding arsehole.


Hi, I sorry you felt insulted.

I made this game "for fun" 5 years ago, and you are right, it is abandoned and it have bugs and things that can be improved, but I am not a game dev and I have other job. I just keep the game here because it makes me happy to find nice comments time to time from people that discovered the game and enjoyed it.

I understand and agree with your feed back, but I would like to say: try to be more constructive with the next feedbacks you gave to other real game dev, specially the ones that are starting. 

A good constructive feedback would be something like "I think that if you change this, the game would be less random" instead of "this game is too random".

In this case, it is ok to me since I am not working on game dev. But reading harsh comments instead of constructive ones, can make junior Devs to give up instead to improve their skills.


Could you make this open sourced please! I'd love to mess around with it and learn more about ml


Sheesh you don't have to insult the developer so much man.. 

Mastered it

In this game, there is a hidden, uncontrollable variable named "Luck"

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Love this idea, thanks for a fun game! Beat the last level, woot. 

Does acceleration work? They only ever go minimum speed it looks like.

Ever thought about creating another idle game with machine learning like this? I'd love to play it.

Acceleration does work, unlike the bikers' 'decisions'.

I will build 10000 shop and a will take 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 hours

The medal is broken and doesn't activate.

if you want to see if you've beaten it check to see if you have a Pb

All of my cars just turn straight into the wall after the u-turn on the right in the third map. Is this a bug or should I just wait and let them learn? They've been doing it for a while now

This game is perfect while listening to Stayin' Alive.

careful with the unity bs

Don't worry, this game is 4 years old xD

I've completed all the levels, but didn't get the medal for it. It was very fun tho.

How do I save my game? It keeps rolling back progress every time I log on.

How do I fix my bots crashing on the 4th turn every time on level 4? They've been doing this for weeks

Try giving they a wider angle of vision, so they can see the open turn better:

Still not working. They crash right here:

Should I retire?

alright thats it im going back a level

To try to change a deep learned behavior, is good to go back a level and change a little the skills configuration. This will make they to fail the level in the first turns, but the longer you keep relearning the previous track, more they will lose of this bad behavior and get a better change to learn to do that turn.

If this didn't work, retire is a good option too, you won't need a lot of time to get back to lvl 4 again after retirement.


after all these yeas i have re found this fucking gam


What is the green motorcycle? At first i thought it was a "freebie" unit that would never crash, but then it does crash sometimes. Is it the first motorcycle to succeed at completing the course?

I think the green bike is the one you can focus on from the start


It is the best one of the previous generation. 

As reference, when the green one is better than the other bikes, your IA is not getting smarter. When other bikes does better than the green one, they are learning.

It would be nice if we could see the neural network, I can't manage to get the AI to learn to speed up on it's own.





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Imma post this on github(to be hosted there, maybe its better than itch.io hosting) I'll post the link once I do it

Great game! One problem is the AI usually gets stuck doing one thing over and over, so a mutation upgrade could be cool. Otherwise, Great job!

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The first retire was very easy, but the second, they got really stupid level 2 so I reset, and then the second retire they were practically omniscient and first tried all of them after the 2nd

Edit: And now I'm completely stuck at the 180 in level 9


I would just like to put it on the record that my bikes managed sub-9 seconds on the first level   :O   Great game fella

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for three laps then right

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How long does it usually take to finish the game?


Great game, went back to level one after 300+ generations to get 11.49


I just found this gem and it's so simple yet so funny. Can't stop playing. Thank you for sharing this game :)


I completed level 9 but I did not get the medal. Im not mad, just disappointed.


Me too! I want to be acknowledged!

yeah right

Very interesting concept.

I would like to know how the specific evolution algorithm works because, observing those bikes' behaviour, it doesn't look like there's an actual neural network behind but something more like a sequence of actions they learn to do.




I regret saying that, I've had to retire multiple times before level 3 because level 2 bikers were stupid lmfao


i completed level 9 in 2:17.441...w/o medal. could be a bug?


I completed in 2:18 and didnt get a medal neither


how to get every achievement
i did it: play the game

they are learning: play the game

piece of cake: play the game

my first retirement: have nothing better to do

one last time: really have nothing better to do

it's possible: really really have nothing better to do

avenge my son: have max speed

my great great great grandfather: have max speed

we are legion: have max speed and generation time

these bikes are dumb: have high population size

this is not machine learning: have max population size and high speed

omfg this game is so broke: have max population size, max speed, and high generation time

so 8 is the limit: play the game

almost there: play the game

money is useless now: play the game

the first one is free: why do you need a tutorial for this

tweet tweet: pres the twitter button

facebook ok boomer: press the facebook button

it literally tells you this


(After 1st retire)
Map 2 1st time: All but one dies and the last one dies before the finish.
Map 2 2nd time: Only 3 die and the rest make it all 3 laps.

How do you do the hairpin turn in map 9?

I have the same issue.


no idea how, but I managed to train the bikes

…to go backwards🤷‍♂️


i trained them to commit suicide after the 2nd turn


show me


Please add a desktop build for $5. For $10 add manual driving, where the player is the green


Manual driving literally defeats the whole purpose of the game.


not really, it gives the thing an initial lesson


That means the developer would have to completely code in a different type of machine learning.


That ruins the point, you could just do 3 laps first try and voila. Also, if you had paid attention, green motorbikes show what the best car did last turn.


i finished level 9 but it didn't give me the achievement on browser


is the downloaded version meant to have no executable file? or am i doing something wrong


It is meant to put the game in a personal website, but if you want to execute the game in your PC, you must open the "index.html"


hey the art style looks like it is from modd.io great game art is great gameplay is great


The art is from https://www.kenney.nl/  specially from the "Racing pack" https://www.kenney.nl/assets/racing-pac under license "CC0 1.0 Universal".

Kenney is a well know free assets web used in a lot of games, this is why the style looks similar to a lot of other free games.

I recommend it if you are looking for good free assets.


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